Small Pet Comparison: Cost, Lifespan, and Temperament

Small animals are suitable for a first pet especially for families with kids. They are relatively easy to care for. However the small pets significantly differ in terms of temperament, lifespan and cost to take care of. We did a research and made a comparison of specifics of the Chinchilla, Rabbit and a Guinea pig. It can help you to decide on which one is suitable to be a furry member of your family.

Chinchilla Pet

Chinchilla Lanigera

Chinchilla Lanigera. Image Credits: Elisabeth Bertaglia-2.

Chinchillas are much more expensive than rabbits and Guinea pigs. You will have to pay between fifty and two hundred US dollars for these exotic rodents. They are natural climbers and even baby chinchilla pets need a large place to live. Consider the overall length of this pet – 15 – 21″ including tail.

The average price of a chinchilla cage varies between $180 and $300 depending on dimensions. Food and other supplies such as dusting powder, vitamins and toys cost about $40 per month.

The long lifespan of a chinchilla pet sounds like a positive feature. It will be your companion for almost 20 years. But if the main reason to choose it as a pet was to entertain your children, keep in mind that you have to take care of it, even when the grown-ups start to live separately.

Chinchilla pet needs attention and affection. You have to play with it for at least half an hour a day. By this criterion this pet is more time-consuming than the Guinea pig and rabbit.

Guinea Pig Pet

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig. Image Credits: vandinglewop.

Costs of Guinea pigs run between $100 and $150. The shopping list includes: the pet ($30); cage ($50-$70); food ($20 monthly). The Guinea pig needs less living space than a chinchilla that is why you have to invest less for a cage. The size of an adult pet is 9-12″.
Guinea Pig is a good companion for both adults and children. It is easy to handle. Guinea pig has a lifespan of 6-7 years. This cute pet does not require daily exercise outside the cage but it needs daily intake of vitamin C.

Rabbit Pet

Rabbit Pet

Rabbit. Image Credits: Madeleine.

Looking after your rabbit pet is easy. These fluffy creatures are excellent companions for all family members.

You can purchase a domestic bunny at $40-50. The accommodation costs vary between $40 and $100, while other supplies – around $20.

Consider $20 monthly expenditure on bedding, timothy hay, food, vitamins and treats. The rabbit pet lives up to 7 years.



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