Chinchilla Names: Do Small Pets Know their Names?

Chinchillas communicate with each other in a variety of sounds and barks, but can they recognize human speech, tone or some words? Well, it is possible to train your chinch to learn its name but it takes patience and time. Many chinchillas answer when you call them – they look at you and eventually approach you. If they are inside the cage, they will stand up on their hind legs.

How to Help your Chinchilla to Learn its Name?

Chinchilla Names: How to Help your Chinchilla to Learn its Name?

How to Help your Chinchilla to Learn its Name? Photo: Jennofarc.

To help your chinchilla understand that you are talking to it, speak to your exotic pet in a calm or cheerful tone. Remember that chinchs are very sensitive animals. This helps your fluffy friend to become more comfortable with your voice. Say the chinchilla’s name when you want to play with it or when you give it a treat. Repeat the pet’s name every time you spend quality time with it. During this communication your fur-ball pet will learn its name through repetition. In a couple of days, your chinchilla will get used to its name.

Speak with your Chinchilla to Build a Trusting Friendship

Chinchillas can understand some phrases such as “No”, “Come”, “Stop”. Maybe they do not recognize the meaning of these words, but react to your tone. Using these words you can prevent your pet from chewing furniture and keep it safe during the play time.

Chinchillas can easily learn sounds associated with their routine – pouring the dust powder for their dust bath, opening the food pack, etc.

Chinchilla Names

The name usually depends on the sex of the pet. Females often are named Chilla, or Chinchi, while the most common male names are Chippi or Chinch. These funny names consider these pets are rodents and suit their nature.