Rarest Chinchilla Pets: Colors and Mutations

The cute chinchilla is becoming a very popular pet. These exotic animals feature a gray coloring in the wild nature. The standard chinchilla has gray body, white belly, grey ears and black eyes. However people who bring an exotic rodent as a pet in their homes are looking for rear color modifications selected in special breeding programs. Here are the top three rarest chinchilla colors.

Rarest Chinchilla Colors: Sapphire Blue Chinchilla

Sapphire Blue Chinchilla. Photo: Beth L. Alexander

Blue Sapphire Chinchilla

This mutation combines silvery grey and blue tones of the pet`s fur. These chinchillas feature black eyes and white belly. The bottom part or their hair is white. The intensity of the color could be achieved by a cross between sapphire and a black velvet chinchillas. Some blue sapphire chinchillas carry both white and sapphire genes.

They can be purchased at a price of $300 and more.

Rarest Chinchilla Colors: Extra Dark Ebony Chinchilla

Extra Dark Ebony Chinchilla. Photo: vociferous

Ebony Chinchilla

There are a variety of modifications of the ebony color – from light shade to darker tones. Some species feature a white, creamy fur which perfectly matches the white belly. The rarest mutation has a grey belly instead of white. The shade depends on the color of both parents.

The gray influence of one of the parents may reflect in a darker shade. Ebony chinchillas feature ruby eyes, pink ears and pink noses.

Rarest Chinchilla Colors: White Ebony Chinchilla

White Ebony Chinchilla. Photo: vociferous

Rarest Chinchilla Colors: White Chinchilla

White Chinchilla. Photo: MatthewHopkins

White Chinchilla

This coloration varies between very light, pink and blue shade. All species feature red, brown or pink eyes, as well as pink ears and nose. There is a very rear modification called white mosaic chinchilla. This exotic pet has grey ears and contrasting its black eyes. The fur is a blend of grey and white patterns. There is another interesting cross between white and black velvet chinchilla. This appearance looks great but is more typical to another member of the Rodent family – the Guinea pig.

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