Chinchilla Dust Bath: How to Give a Chinchilla a Dry Dust Bath

What is a Chinchilla Dust Bath?

Chinchilla Dust Bath - photo by Ikayama

Chinchilla Dust Bath. Photo by Ikayama.

Chinchillas are not smelly creatures. In fact, these mammals are odor free. Chinchillas need a dry bath to clean their soft fur. Dust removes the excess oils, humidity and helps the pets to get rid of bacteria. Chinchillas have lots a fun when they roll in the dust. The dry bath is an important part of their daily routine. The fine sand penetrates in the chinchilla’s skin and makes it healthy.

These exotic pets bathe in a special dusting powder. Chinchilla owners should purchase a bin, a special sand or volcanic dust.

Where to Give your Chinchilla a Dry Dust Bath?

A plastic container or common shoe box can be used. The most used bathtub measures 6’x12’x 6 inches or 14 x 9 x 6 inches. The owner can place the dust bin in the cage or in the room where the chinchilla plays during its daily exercises outside the cage. To prevent spreading the sand everywhere, cover the floor with a big piece of paper or oilcloth.

Give your pet a bath in the afternoon when it is active and playful.

How to Choose the Sand for a Chinchilla Dry Bath?

Chinchilla Dust Bath - Merlin Thinking of Bathing - photo by feenylime

Chinchilla Dust Bath: Merlin Thinking of Bathing. Photo: feenylime.

Opt for a fine natural dusting powder, made specifically for chinchillas. Do not use any sand since it may contain bacteria or may harm chinchilla’s coat.

Chinchilla Dust Bath: How to

Cover the bathtub bottom with the special sand. The dust should be 2-3 inches deep. Place the container in the cage. Let your pet enjoy its bath for 10-12 minutes.

The dust powder can be reused several times after removing the droppings. Give your chinchilla a dry dust bath 3 times per week. Keep the dust in a dry place, on a moderate temperature.

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