Wood Chinchilla Cage

Some pet owners choose a wooden chinchilla cage over a metal one. This beautiful and comfortable residence mimics the natural habitat of the exotic rodents. Here is an overview of the main features of wood chinchilla cage.

Cages made out entirely of natural wood can be the right place to live and play for small animals. Inside the wooden construction, they will feel peaceful and secure. This type of house is suitable not only for chinchilla but rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets.

Timber is a convenient and practical material for a cage construction. It is non-toxic and safe. The most common woody plants used for cages are Pine wood and Plywood. Try to avoid painted or varnished wood houses.The natural color means that the wood is 100 % organic.

The front of the chinchilla house is usually made of plexiglass or wire mesh. Some brands use glass for a cage building but plexiglass is flexible and lighter. One of the downsides of this material is that can be easily scratched by the inhabitants. The top cover is a steel net in wooden frame. This design allows the circulation of air throughout a wood chinchilla cage and stops your pet from escaping.

One of the main arguments against wood chinchilla cage is that your exotic animal naturally loves to chew wood, so the pet will try to eat the construction. Many pet owners who prefer organic material, choose a harder wood to prevent chewing. Other downside is that compared to metal cages here it is not easy to find a place to attach the water bottle. Other thing to consider is that chinchillas and other small pets urinate a lot which have soaked into the wood. The mix of dish soap, and white vinegar can help to remove the smell but this is a tiring job. The plastic bottom of wire mesh cages is more easy to maintain.

Here are some of the best wooden chinchilla cages on the market and their reviews.

Wooden Rodent Cage for Hamsters, Rats, Mice etc. XXL

This rodent home is really spacious. It is 117 cm long and 58 cm high. The comfy residence takes up a lot of space in the house. It features clear and transparent plexiglas front, 3 levels, 2 ramps, and a wire mesh cover in wooden frame. The entirely wooden construction can be a beautiful compliment to your home interior. The movable lowest level makes the cleaning easy and effective.

TecTake Large Wooden Rodent Cage

This villa hut for exotic rodents has three levels accessible by 2 bridges. The level height is about 16 cm. Ramps offer enough room for all type of rodents. Balconies are 7.5cm wide. The natural and handmade pet home features compact design with overall dimensions of 113 cm length and 54 cm height. Inside, you can put a house where chinchillas can hide and sleep.

This wooden cage has 3 plexiglas windows and a wire mesh top that guarantees proper ventilation. The bottom can be pulled out and in for easy cleaning. It is deep enough for the bedding.