Prevue Hendryx 425 Pet Products Small Animal Cage with Stand 32 x 21.5 x 33.5 inches Review

What Customers Love About this Product:

The best thing that is loved about this product is that the base slides right out when you need to clean it. The depth of the bottom is also ideal for keeping the bedding in place. You even have an option to remove the metal mesh dividing the base from the cage if you find no use for it.

The divider between the cage and the base can be easily removed if you don’t want the feet of your pet getting caught between the bars as it may cause bone to break. Even if you need to take a bit of time in assembling it, the effort is all worth it after you’ve finally come to the end part.

The cage is very sturdy, decent, and made with good quality. The manufacturers also managed to design this product with lots of room for your chinchilla to walk around in. Also, the spaces between the bars are big enough for you to be able to put little snacks inside the cage from time to time. Pet owners also find it easy to clean and bring it out because of the wheels attached to its legs. The platform can be easily removed and placed higher or lower depending on the needs of your pet.

This product would be easily recommended by satisfied customers. Customers claim that if you ask for a replacement in case you received a damaged product, they will replace it right away. This is an advantage compared with other brands. There is no perfect product, but a responsive customer service makes things better.

If you consider putting chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs inside this wire-meshed housing, you can do that, but make sure to cover the platform with a rug or a carpet so their feet won’t get stuck between the spaces.

Pros and Cons:

This product is a good cage to have for exotic pets, but it is quite annoying that the small holes on the sides collect urine. This does not happen every day, but that must be addressed. Few customers reported that upon receiving the item, some parts of the cage were broken making it impossible to assemble and some wires were bent which needed a little tweaking before it returned to its original shape.

This Prevue Hendryx product is not safe enough for smaller rodents because the spaces between the bars are too big for their feet and they can easily escape.

The chinchilla and bunny owners are also very particular about how the litter of their pet can fall through the platform and land on the bedding which is why there is enough space between the bars to make them fall easily.


Fix the small holes that accumulate small amounts of pee because it is not very hygienic for the pets.
When sending out a shipment, ensure that the base fits easily with the cage.

Overall, this cage is perfect for chinchillas, bunnies and guinea pigs, but not for anything smaller. If you want to accessorize this cage, it is very easy and there is enough space for you to place toys and extra food for your pets to enjoy. This is something that will most likely be recommended by the majority of the customers because they also found it very satisfying and nice. And also the weight of this is not that heavy making you able to carry it from one floor to another, but still with extreme caution. This is something that can be used by any exotic pet lover.

There are a lot of things you can do for your pet, but nothing compares to having a good cage for them.

About this product:

The size is 32 x 21.5 x 33.5 inches and the weight is 22 lbs. It is a nice bonus that a platform and a ramp are included in the package. There is a wire mesh divider between the cage and the base. And this product has international shipment.

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