Midwest Critter Nation with Stand, Single Unit Cage Review

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand Single Unit Cage

This bestselling chinchilla cage is a smaller variation of the popular Midwest Critter Nation double unit model. This pet house is sizing 36″L x 24″W x 39″H. Despite its relatively small height compared to the bigger model, the pet residence features a wide door that enables the easy access to any corner during the cleaning. Ramps are designed for the chinchilla`s safety. The opening is fitted with dual-locking door latches. Shelves are wide and comfortable. The plastic pan floor is easy to clean. The solid construction is finished in high-end silver color. It is time-tested that paint coating lasts a very, very long time. It features scratch and corrosion resistance.

5 Reasons to Buy Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit Chinchilla Cage

The female chinchilla can get pregnant twice a year. If you have male and female pets in a same house, soon their cute family will become bigger. So if you are planning to take care of many generations of chinchillas you will need a different cage for the newcomers. Soon after your chinchillas have babies, you will realize that you have to separate male and female offspring to prevent them from mating or from aggression. Sometimes you need to separate cage occupants for whatever reason.

  1. The Midwest Critter Nation cage offers room for four babies or medium-sized chinchillas. It can accommodate two adult chinchillas. The wire mesh is a great place to hang toys, hammocks and treats. You can also place an exercising wheel inside the house so that youngsters can play. The huge door makes it easy moving large toys  in/out of the house.
  2. The Midwest Critter Nation is easy to clean, due to the wide swinging door and removable tray.
  3. The shelving unit is adjustable, so you can adapt its height to the needs of your chinchilla. The bottom shelf is useful for storing food, toys and treats.
  4. Ramps are made out of durable plastic. That eliminates the problems caused by wire mesh stands. Your cute chinchilla`s feet will not get caught.
  5. The Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit has wheels and rolls safely and easily.


  • The bottom tray is too shallow so the bedding can be easily kicked out of the cage. The base pan is only 1/2 an inch deep. The recommended depth is 2 inches or more.
  • There is a wide spacing between bars that can be a challenge for smaller pets.
  • Some people complain that it is not easy to assemble the cage. Its helpful if you have power drills at home. If some of the elements are not aligned, you will need to drill holes with an electric drill and to use a power rotary tool. You might also need a leverage to get the elements to fit together.

Despite some minor issues when assembling the Midwest Critter Nation Single unit cage, most of chinchilla pet owners say that once it is put together, is beautiful and comfortable. Over all the mansion is well constructed and is safe enough for your adorable furry friends. This cage is suitable not only for chinchillas but for many small pets such as rats and ferrets.

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