Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Single-Level with Ramps Review

Product highlights:

The Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Cage is highly recommended for people who are taking care of chinchillas, ferrets, rats or degu. It is a good value for money even if the price is a little high compared to other cages.

The material is highly durable. The plastic ramp that comes with this cage is ideal for animals with small feet that can easily slip through bars. The interior seems to decrease the risk for injuries. Metal bars can also cause the feet of the small animals to break if they are not careful when climbing up. Rodents have the tendency to try to get their foot out and if they do not succeed, they could struggle and can end up with a wound or broken bone. The item comes with a cloth that can be used to cover the ramp making it perfectly comfortable for ferrets and other pets when going up and down.

Some pet owners also opt to use this product for their pet bunnies because the door opens wide enough for them to easily pick the rabbit up and take it out for play time.

The wheels are also well-built making it very easy for you to move the cage without having to carry it. The door opens the whole front of the cage making it very easy to clean. This design is perfect for maintaining the cage.

Most people have used this cage for more than a year and it still looks the same. The interiors are nice and the spacious construction gives people the benefit of sticking with this product for a long time.

Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Cage: Pros and Cons

When assembling the cage, you would need a screwdriver and a companion to help you with the assembling.

Generally, this product is one of the most decent cages you can get for your chinchilla, ferret, rabbit, rat, and other rodent thanks to its durability and safety. This product has very little flaws and very few negative reviews about it.

The customers are pleased with the quality of the product when they receive it and they become even happier once they see the item in the box. The price is high compared to other cages.

The cage is made to withstand heavy chewing activity. Rodents love this cage.  Attachments and add-ons can be bought if you decide to put a hammock for your pet to snooze in.

If you are looking for a cage that has good quality and will last for a long time, consider this one. It also looks very nice even if placed inside your living room. It is easy to clean this pet house. The bottom tray is big enough to catch all of the waste that your pets are producing making you less concerned about whether something will fall on the floor.

Ferrets, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, and other small rodents love this cage. This product is ideal for people who are very particular with quality and safety of their pets. This is a very good investment for your pet.

Product information:

This product’s sizing is 36 x 25 x 38. inches and weighs 53.2 lbs. giving your ferret enough space to live in.

Usually, the customers love the enamel finish of the wire mesh. The angled ramp is made of plastic making it very safe for ferrets and chinchillas and preventing them from getting injured. This product includes a stand, locking casters, ramp, shelf and food pan that are really needed for your pet. There are dual knots making easier to be latched to the bottom.

This cage is very safe for ferrets and other animals that like to chew because the material used for this pet house is very durable. If you are concerned about how you will move this thing around, the bottom part comes with wheels attached to it. Ferrets won’t easily escape from this cage because the latches on the door are not easily lifted by small animals.

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