How to Build a Small Pet Cage?

Homemade Chinchilla Cage


A spacious, multi-level cage for small pets such as chinchillas, rats and Guinea pigs, can be expensive. Even if you purchase one, you have to assemble the house at home. You will need some basic tools to set up the cage properly. If you are a handy person, you can build a cheaper residence for your exotic pet. It is more difficult to build a living room than buy a cage from an online store or pet shop but it is definitely cheaper. Follow these basic build instructions if you want to try to make your own.

Draw Up Construction Plan

Before constructing a chinchilla cage, you need to draw a plan of the construction. Decide on materials, dimensions and interior. Choose the shape of the small pet cage. The rectangle form is considered the best for chinchillas since they are passionate climbers. Small exotic pets really like hopping between balconies. Another thing to consider is the shelf layout and door location. Last but not least when designing the pet house consider your chinchilla`s’ safety.

The home-built cage could be made out of wood. Another option is to use grid wire shelving and storage cubes. To build a wood chinchilla house, you will need wooden or MDF frames, solid or plexiglass doors, and some wire sheet to make the top. For more information on wooden chinchilla cage check out our special article

Modular building can be a better choice. It offers better ventilation and visibility to your pet. Before you purchase materials, decide on how many levels your small pet needs.

Make a Shopping List for Your Cage Building Materials & Tools

  • Grid Wire Modular Shelving and Storage Cubes for the floors and walls;
  • Cable Ties to fix the walls;
  • Wood to make the shelves;
  • Dowels to fin balconies;
  • Spring clamps;
  • Saw tool;
  • Power or hand drill;
  • Hammer;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Tape measure;

Cage Construction

Take two grids or wood pallets for the long sides of the cage. Opt for 1″ powder coated stainless steel mesh. Cut it to the right size and file the sharp edges. Drill the necessary holes for the shelves.

Then form the bottom of the chinchilla lodge. Choose a solid bottom to prevent injury of your pet`s feet. Make a door on the front side so that the pet can come out. Take into account that the big opening makes cleaning easy.

Secure with any kind of fastener – nuts & bolts or cable ties. Finally put the top structure of the cage. Ensure that all four walls are connected together. Measure the shelf length and cut. Mount the vertical levels and ramps and test fit. If you are a tool-handy it is a good idea to add casters to the bottom to wheel the cage around.

Furnish the Cage

The Interior decor is very important. Wooden ramps are necessary for access between shelves. Ropes, hammocks, exercise wheel, boxes and other toys are important to keep your pet busy and active.

Now that you have got the basic steps defined, you can probably manage to build a roomy and comfy small pet cage.